Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday was my first over night working at Wal-Mart and I was tired as I usually go to bed at ten o’clock. It was dark when I got into my car to go to work. I turned on the car headlight so I can see where I’m going. Every block or so I met the illumination from the street lights. When I got to the stop light, it was brighter for the convenience store lit the corner up. The light turned from red to green and I drove on. I pulled into a semi-dark parking lot, parked the car, got out and started walking across the parking lot to the doors of Wal-Mart. The first set of doors opened to make way for the next set of doors, which led to a brightness that you can see everything! Everything that is good when you first walked into the doors. Bakery goods, fresh flowers, pizzas in the freezer and clean wide aisles. There were a few customers and workers, unlike the day shift the week before. There was a sense of harmony and quietness.

Now let me take you to another place, Las Vegas, Nevada, a city that never sleep. Where the nightlife comes alive with shows, gambling, noise, and lots of people. There are lights everywhere! In the hotel, the signs, the car headlights going bumper to bumper down the road. In downtown Vegas at night, you can’t see the dark sky, let alone any stars.

Two different places. Two different environment. Two different light. Yet both can trick the mind into thinking its daytime and keep you alert and going. Going where?????

There is an advertisement that says, “What you do in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Now there is two sides of the coin in that advertisement. On one side of the coin, Vegas takes your money, your integrity, and can take your life. On the other side of the coin, you take your experience of Vegas with you for the rest of your life, whether good or bad.

Wal-mart advertise, “Save Money, Live Better!” Wal-mart has two sides of the coins as well. You do save money compare to the higher price stores in the mall or shopping centers. They have Roll-back prices and clearance items in the stores. But on the other side of the coin, to live better, well there are temptations in the store as well. Temptations that you do not see when you first walk into the store. Temptations that is located in the midst of the good. Not only tobacco and alcohol, but even chocolates!

Both are somewhat deceiving. Both are focusing on bringing people to them through advertising.

Yet there is a greater light to follow. A light that not deceive you and promise you eternal life. A light that does not give you temptations. A light that is to be told everywhere! A light that can cleanse you and give you peace and joy. What is that light? That light is Jesus.

Light can be deceiving, whether you are in Vegas or walking into a Wal-Mart store. But there is One True Light to follow that will not deceive you, Jesus.

Which light will you follow today?


  1. Very good analogies Rena.... Great reminder that we need to stay focused on the TRUE light and not be swayed by imitations.

  2. Jesus is the TRUE light, but Satan can try and fool us into thinking that another form of light is the TRUE light....... like the lights in Vegas......... yes, in Vegas, there is light and no darkness........ and they would lead you to believe that in Vegas you can "eat, drink and be merry" thinking that the lights of Vegas are the TRUE light, but in reality, those lights are only imitation and will go out someday and have been known to go out when there is a power outage........ Jesus' light never goes out and remains the TRUE light....