Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Plans Change

Many of us make plans when there is a marriage onn the horizon, a new baby, a home, college, work and so forth.  We have goals, either short-term or long-term goals, for work, family, relationships, and personal life.   How many times when plans are made and it doesn’t turn out the way it was planned?  Whether it would be an intimate time with your spouse, vacation or something as simple as a get together at your house.  How did you feel when these plans were interrupted or didn’t turn out as planned?

This month has proven to be a month where plans were changed for my family, which I will share with you because many of you can relate to these stories. 

Allison and Steve were expecting their second child on May 1st.  They were in the process of purchasing their first home after several years of renting.  They were in the process of  packing, and planning the move before the baby came.   They have decided when the baby is born, Allison will be staying home with the baby and Ryan, while Steve continues to work due to high cost of daycare, especially for infant.   Ryan will complete his school year and enrolled in a new school district in the Fall.  Sounds like a good solid plan, right?  Well……

William Everett came earlier than expected.  He was born on April 10th, three weeks earlier than the expected due date.  He also was born the day before the help is expected to come and move their furniture to their new home.  Their plans were unraveling. 

While Allison was in the hospital,  the move to the new place continued as planned.  Only the small stuff still needed to be packed up and the old place needed to be cleaned.  They were planning to give the landlord the keys on the 15th.  Now I don’t recall if they asked for another week extension or not.  But they managed to get the rest of the stuff packed and cleaned up to get their deposit back last week. 

Allison and William came home from the hospital  the day after the move. William had jaundice and over the next few days his  blood count for jaundice went up.  The doctor recommended pushing fluid and being in the sunlight at home. It took about a week of blood tests and doctor’s visit before his count returned to normal, which we all were relieved.  Even though William was jaundice, he was a good baby through all this. 

Brad is involved in a relationship with a young woman who has two children.  They have been very careful about disclosing their relationships with the children until they both knew that they are ready for the next step in their relationship.   They had set a date when the girls will meet Brad.  Unfortunately, someone had disclosed to the girls about Brad before the planned date, which speeded up the plan a week or two early.  As a result, Brad and the young woman talked it over and decided it was time to take children out to dinner, which resulted in children trusting Brad, which I had no doubt.  Children seems to be drawn to Brad.  As Brad can be a kid himself when playing and being with the kids.

Recently, Keiko (shi’zu) was due to have pups on May 3rd.   I was in the middle of tearing up the carpeting and getting ready to put down sub-flooring in the computer room.  I wanted to get this done as well as finishing the trimming work in the kitchen, and putting up new walls in the bathroom  before she had puppies.  Needless to say, she had six puppies on April 25th. 

Plans were interrupted as I called everyone involved to help me with the deliverance of the puppies.  There were concerns that the puppies would not survive because they were premature.  I had one box ready, but it was too small for mama and six puppies (I expected 3 or 4) and I had to run to Farm King to get milk supplement for the puppies. 

Three days later, the vet removed the dew claws and stated that the puppies are healthy and doing well.  Keiko will need additional calcium supplement of mozzarella cheese daily to keep her and the puppies healthy. 

Brad made a box out of an old bookcase for them and all seems to be working out.  The puppies will be ready to leave to their new homes by the end of June.   In the meantime, I will just let nature takes its course.

Yesterday, Steve was laid off from work.  I was thinking about God’s timing in all of this.  If William waited until May 1st, would there be health insurance for the delivery and the testing for jaundice?  As it worked out, they had insurance when William was born.  Allison may have to go back to work for awhile, but in the meantime, the time off for Steve will enable him to get the house painted and repaired, garden put in and time to be with his children. 

We all make plans and sometimes our plans do not turn out the way we thought they would.  Either someone else interrupt our plans or we jump ahead of God’s plan for us.  We become impatient and take control because we want it NOW!   But if we trust God’s timing, it usually turns out for the best overall. 

Is there something going on in your life, which didn’t turn out the way you planned it?  Was it because you jumped in front of God and took the wheel?  What would happen if you give God the wheel of your life?  Are you afraid or at peace with giving Jesus the wheel?

These are hard questions.  Take a moment to reflect on your life in the past.  Were there times when an event fell apart or were there times when all fell into place?  My guess is there were both.  What happened in those times?  What were your reactions?

Life is full of twist and turns.  We can embrace life or struggle.  Which would you rather do?  May God gives you peace.

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