Sunday, August 2, 2009

God Will Make a Way

Working at Wal-Mart gives me the opportunity to see people’s faces turn from a frown to a smile when they come through my checkout lane. Some will hurry with their business at hand, while others will give you their life stories. I don’t mind, because I love to hear people’s story.

It’s early in the morning when a woman dressed in sport clothing came through my line. She placed her small order on the belt and asked if I would scan the greeting card and borrow a pen so she could sign it. As I was checking out her order, she asked if I knew what John’s (not his real name) wife name is. I answered, “You know, I never heard him say what his wife name is. “ When John talks about his wife, he always referred to her as ‘my wife’.

John has been taking his wife to Chicago every week for cancer treatment. John has strong faith in the Lord’s healing. He also works part-time at a nursing facility and is taking classes online. As you can see, John’s plate is full.

The woman finished writing on the card, sealed it and asked if John was working. I told her that John had the night off. She was little disappointed and left saying that it was okay.
About a week later, the same woman came through my line. John was coming up behind her with tears in his eyes and said, “Thank you!” She smiled and said, “No, Thank you!”
She went on to say, “I come in here asking you how you are. Your answer constantly is, ‘fine as always’ even though you are going through tough times with your wife sick, working two jobs, going to school and trying to raise a family.”

Tears started to flow as she continued, “Every time I hear “fine as always”, it makes my day because if you can still say that everyday, then I cannot complain about my day.”
John told her that the day before he received a phone call from the insurance company requesting payment. The payment of $100 was not due until the 20th (it was near the 1st of the month), but they wanted the money sent that day to continue their health coverage.

The money they had left was accounted for their next trip to Chicago. John mailed the money he had left to the insurance company and told his wife that God will make a way. So when he came into work today there was an encouragement card from the woman with $100 gas card in it, the exact amount that was sent to the insurance company the day before. Therefore, God made a way when there seems to be no way.

God made sure I witnessed that event that morning because I was wondering how I was going to make ends meet when I was cut to working only 24 hours a week. I was also thinking of about my ministry career and how God was going to use my degree and experience since I am no longer a licensed minister. Along with other burdens I was carrying. The answer is, God Will May a Way and this song has been on my heart for the past month.

What burden are you carrying today? Take a moment to listen to this song. My prayer that this song, God Will Make a Way, will give you hope and remain on your heart as you surrender your burden to God each day.


  1. Are you going to add another post soon? I hope so. :-)

  2. I was praying to God tonight about what He wanted me to do or where He wanted to me go to work for the Kingdom of God. At the end of my prayer, I heard "Rena" and He even spelled it out for me. I thought it was a small country I'd never heard of or something like that, but I know that it was for you. I don't what you're going through or where you've been since your last post, but God is sending someone to check on you and to send up a special prayer for you. God's Love - Meka