Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kiss An Angel Good Morning

As I remembered Aunt Alice, the memories of the song, Kiss An Angel Good Morning, also came to mind because Aunt Alice loved Charlie Pride as well as I did.

Every Friday night (payday) when I was a teenager, dad and mom would load four kids (me and three brothers) into a car and go up the street to Alfanos Pizzeria, the best pizza in town. We would walk into the door and sit down to a table of six covered with red and white checkered vinyl cloth and a red candle in the middle.

Pizzas and drink were ordered and as we wait for the pizza, I would get permission to go to the jukebox in the corner of the restaurant. For fifty cents one could play six songs or twelve for a buck. There were two songs I would play every friday nights, Kiss An Angel Good Morning and Kaw-Liga, both by Charlie Pride.

The pizzas were so good and greasy that the orange color juice would run down your hand to your wrist. You had to hold the pizza with two hands or partially fold it in one hand.

This was another family time moments that I will always remember.

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