Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

As soon as May came upon us I knew that Mother’s Day will soon be here.  I was pushing away what feelings I may have when this day comes. Now the day is here.

Mother’s Day was a day that I would spend time with mom and be in the moment.  I found such joy in giving her a card and/or a present.  But mom didn’t care if she didn’t receive a card or a present.  All she wanted is for her children to spend time and talking with her. 

Last night we were busy at Walmart.  There were so much joy in children, young and old,  buying that special card or gift for their mom.  I have seen pretty cards go into the brown card sack, beautiful flowers of all colors being wrapped up in the plastic sack for protection against the weather and candies of all kinds; not just chocolates.

A co-worker who is pregnant with her second child asked if I would work for her tonight so she could spend time with her 2 year old son and her husband for mother’s day.  I told her yes and then thought about generations and life itself.  We don’t know how long we will have our mom with us on this earth.  Many have lost their mom in childbirth, as a young child or teenager, as a young adult with small children, as grandmother or grandfather with a grandchild along the way, or as an elderly themselves.  In the past year I have met or talked to people who have lost their mom in all these generations and wonder how they are grieving on this special day for Mom's.  My prayers is out to all those who are grieving on this special day.

I’m on the third series, “Someday” of Karen Kingbury’s book.   This book is really touching my heart.  Ashley has lost her mother three years ago and her daughter shortly after birth a few weeks before due to a birth defect. Yet, God’s timing is right and good things are spring out of a painful experience. 

As I was talking to a special friend last night about Mother’s Day and the impact that it may have to those who have lost their mom recently, I was wondering what impact it may have on me.  My plans included going out to Mom’s grave, put flowers on it and just sit, talk, and probably cry my eyes out.  Today I can hear mom saying, “Don’t waste money on flowers just visit and talk with me.”

A few minutes ago I was listening to Vince Gills’ song, Go Rest High On That Mountain, which brought tears flowing down my cheeks.  It was one of the song mom had requested to be sung at her funeral.  The other was In The Garden, which was mom’s all time favorites.  I found that I don’t need to go out to the grave to talk with her.  She is in my heart right here and now.  There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about her and talk to her.  I do miss her laughter, her smile, and her constructive criticisms (and believe me, she gave plenty).  She has not been a mentor to just me, but to everyone she comes in contact with. 

Although the tears are falling, they are tears of joy, peace and love that only mom can bring to a child.  May this day be blessed with wonderful memories of your mom on this special day.

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